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Jason Barry is an award winning producer, writer, post audio engineer and musician collecting dozens of Canada's largest music accolades including Junos, Canadian Country Music Awards, Canadian Music Awards and Socan awards. Jason has produced and recorded an impressive collection of Canada's largest acts: Dean Brody, Charlie Major, Michelle Wright, Terri Clark, Tenille Arts, Jason Blaine and Aaron Lines. All of these artists have recorded at his multi CCMA award winning recording studio 'Barrytone Studios'. Jason has also recorded many of the worlds most celebrated artists ranging from Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts to Lyle Lovett and Steve Earle.

As a songwriter, Jason has penned an arsenal of hits, recently scoring a Top 5 Canadian hit with Dean Brody for 'Another Man's Gold' as well as collaborating with other artists like Jason Blaine, Jamie Warren, Duane Steele and Randy Bachman. He's one of a select few that can boast a "two thumbs up" shout out from Don Cherry during the iconic 'Coaches Corner' for his own song "Yes I Can" written specifically for a special needs children's charity.          


In the world of post audio, Jason has spent many years mixing award winning television shows like 'Masters Of Flip', 'Dakota Sessions', 'Live At The Revival', 'One on One' as well as sound design for networks like CMT, OWN, HGTV, YTV, Disney, WTV and Teletoon.  

(See full listing here.)

Jason is currently the second guitarist in Canadian history to be inducted into the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Hall of Honour and since has helped design a signature series guitar from Cithara in his honour.  He has toured the entire world as a guitarist and music director for many elite artists, but started his journey in Derby Junction, New Brunswick; born deaf and the youngest of 6 children.


"I am both humbled and honoured to have been recognized in an industry I am so passionate about"!


CCMA Recording Studio of the Year - 2015* 2016*

CCMA Guitar Player of the Year - 1995* 1996* 1997* 1998*

                                                           1999* 2000* 2001* 2002*

                                                           2003* 2004* 2005* 2006*
CCMA Songwriter of the Year - 1996* 1998* 2000* 2002*
CCMA Producer of the Year - 2002* 2003* 2004* 2005* 2007*
CCMA SOCAN Song of the Year - 1999* 2000* 2002*
CCMA Special Instrument of the Year - 2001* 2002*

CCMA Backup Band of the Year - 1996* 1998* 1999* 2000*

                                                           2001* 2003* 2004* 2005*
CCMA Independant Group of the Year - 1999*


CMA Ontario Producer of the Year - 2014* 2015* 2016* 2017*

OCPFA Songwriter of the Year - 2000*
OCPFA Musician of the Year - 2002* 2003*

OCMA Songwriter of the Year - 1999*

Houstin Globe Award - 2006*
Houstin Globe Award - 2006*
Houstin Globe Award - 2007*
Houstin Globe Award - 2007*


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