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Dean Brody "Bringin' Down the House "Dirt" "Crop Circles"

"Woodshed is Full" "Coffee Shop Angel"


Tebey Ottoh "All About Us"


The Western Swing Authority "Now Playing"


Michelle Wright "Strong"


Diane Chase "The Ride"

Terri Clark "Long way Home" "Roots and Wings" "Classics"


Jason Blaine "While We Were Waiting" "Sweet Sundown" "Life So Far"

Doc Walker "Go"


Dawson Reigns

Shane Yellowbird "It's About Time"

Shane Chisholm

Gil Grand "Burnin"

Willie Mack "The Journey"

Diane Chase "Gettin' There"

Jason Blaine "While We Were Waiting"

Sean Hogan "Catalina Sunrise"

Titus "Titus"

Robin Hawkins "Robin Hawkins"

Colin Amey "Everything"

Shelly Rastin "One Way Ticket" c/o Randy Bachman

Charlie Major "Shadows and Light" "Keep on Livin'" "Slippin' Away" "Greatest Hits"

Aaron Lines "Moments that Matter" "Sunday Afternoon"





Dean Brody:  Another Man's Gold


Jamie Warren: One Step Back; The Way Love Goes; Words You Can't Take Back; Too Hip For The Room

Lace: Talk Without His Hands

Superbowl Song 2000 (The Buffalo Bills)

John Landry: You Were Right I Was Wrong

Giselle: Fairytale

Gil Grand: Nice and Slow

Colin Amey: Is It Just Me

Steve Mackelray: God Forgives a Fool

Keven Daken: Better Than That

Chris Cummings: It Must be Christmas

Going Fishing - Theme Song



Dean Brody


Aaron Lines "Moments That Matter" "Sunday Afternoon"


Terri Clark


Tebey Ottoh


The  Western Swing Authority "Now Playing"


Gil Grand "Burnin"

Charlie Major "Shadows and Light"

Jamie Warren "Fallen Angel" "Just Not The Same"

"The Way Love Goes"

Jason Blaine "While We Were Waiting"

Titus "Titus"

John Landry "Forever Took Too Long" "Everybody Rides"

Robin Hawkins "Robin Hawkins"

Sean Hogan "Catalina Sunrise" "Highjacked"

Kenny Munshaw "Sun Comes Up"

Colin Amey "Everything"

Shelly Rastin "One Way Ticket" c/o Randy Bachman

Lace "Lace" (Duet Performance)

Beverley Mahood "Girl Out of the Ordinary" "Moody Blue" (Duet Performance)

Thomas Wade and Wayward "Wayward"

Ryan Malcolm "Ryan Malcolm" (Canadian Idol)

NFL Country 2000

George Randall "Small Town Promises"


Diane Chase "The Ride", "In the Middle of Something"  (Duet Performance)


Dean Brody:  Bringin' Down the House; Love Would be Enough; Little Yellow Blanket


Jamie Warren:   Ready to Run; One Step Back; Someone to Love Her; What Goes Around Comes Around

John Landry:  Heart Says Yes

Giselle:  Fairytale

Kenny Munshaw: Sun Comes Up; Thunder & Lightning

Sean Hogan:  Silver Lining Girl

Jason McCoy:  Dixieland; Little Bit of You;

Heaven Help Her Heart

Diane Chase: There I Go Again

Charlie Major: Do It for the Money

Jason Blaine: Spotlight; Heartache Like Mine

J.R Vautour: Kiss Me Goodbye

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